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  • Are you ready to open up new career opportunities and prospects?
  • Are you in receipt of the PUP or Social Welfare payment - if so, this programme is for you?
  • Are you ready for a new career path and opportunities you never thought possible?
  • Are you facing unemployment in the near future and interested in learning more information?

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  • Transition to a new career in Customer Experience...

    Transition to New Digital Career in Customer Experience

  • Transition to a new career in ICT....

    Transition to New Digital Career in ICT

  • Are you ready for a new career?

    Develop a clear pathway to a new career and further personal advancement.

What is Digital Skills Accelerator?

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COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, a severe impact on the Irish economy. Already we are seeing significant long term social and economic challenges for families, communities and local economies. Over 20,000 people in the Munster region alone, whose livelihoods are being affected, as a result of this pandemic, can take advantage of upskilling opportunities to new career paths – without affecting their PUP or Social Payments.

ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet will provide individuals, who have recently become unemployed (from Hospitality, Retail or Aviation) due to the pandemic, with an opportunity to realise a new career in Multinational companies using newly gained training in transferable skills such as problem solving, project management and data analytics..

Having engaged with a number of multinational organisations, we have identified a number of recruitment challenges presently being faced and through virtual training courses we can help you realise new opportunities and prospects. These virtual courses have been structured in such a way to help develop participants with minimal IT skills, to a new level of knowledge and career advancement – previously unexplored.The training modules include the following:

  • Problem Solving - Lean Ireland
  • Project Management - P3

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